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    Quote Originally Posted by Raiven View Post
    Vocation: Knight
    Recommended Level: 30+
    Difficulty: easy
    Exp/hr (without bonus): 35-45k/h
    Loot/hr: 3-8k/h
    Note: Start in DP Svargrond
    Tested on a 50 knight.


    Backpack Setup:

    Note: You can change bps without any problem , just don't repeat colours.


    * Exura Ico
    * Mana Potion
    * Health potion
    * Exori gran (optional)
    * Exori (optional)
    * Exori hur (optional)
    * Exori Ico (optional)

    Do tasks here.

    Download Script:

    Fixed - All bugs fixed, bot will now refill when x cap.
    not working properly

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    Hey man, congratulations for your work. I've been using several of your scripts now and i'm pretty happy with them. I'll comment each one.

    Started with mutated rats and it's a 100% ok and afk, it's a very nice and safe script, avoidinh floors like death blobs. I just had an issue that i could not find the answer where the character got stuck on a floor of one of the towers, happened a very few times and caused the character to logout. Minor problem, used the script for a very long time.

    At crystal spider cave, another 100% ok and afk. absolutely 0 issues while leveling. The only issue i had is a choke point you have to walk going back for a refill that character sometimes got stuck due to a lot of wolves and trolls, exori not working there, so character got trapped and logued out, happened a few times. Maybe if you could not turn off the targeting while refilling and let the bot kill wolves and trolls whenever theres 2+ it would solve the issue, its a minor time waste killing a few trolls and wolves on the way.

    I was going to try tiquanda d-lair but the bot couldnt find the place in the jungle.. I looked for it myself and I think it doesnt existe anymore? but bot did everything ok till it got there
    Same with lich cave, bot did everything ok till i found out i needed the shattered isles quests xd

    port hope gs the bot gost lost when going back sometimes when not taking the boat properly but no issues in the cave

    And finally the one i'm most happy about is krailos nightmare, 100% awesome, never an issue reffiling or anything. safe hunting, perfect script. Theres is just a funny thing, the bot fell on the -2 a few times (3 actually) I believe it did while following a runaway scion, it logued out on the lower floor.

    I left krailos nightmare yesterday for 12 hrs straight full afk with 0 issue (actually the only issue was 16 full non stackables bps in the depot and the need for more bps!)

    I used each os your scripts for more than 50 hours each and i had 0 deaths with them, krailos currently way over 50 hours. And I 100% recommend your scripts

    The only think i wanted is the option to refill better pots (ultimate healing and supreme), i found out how to do it myself, just didnt try it yet.

    I wish you had a higher level script, something like medusa tower/cave or roshammuul, something highly profitable!
    Also couldnt find your topic at paid scripts session. Def would pay you for one of those 300+ scripts!
    (Currently 200+ on krailos nightmares)

    See ya and keep up the good work man



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