Hello Hello! I tryed to script my own But Im not a great scripter yet 😂 But i belive if someone can help me How to start i think i can do it

I was thinking about Prison And Catacombs!

Prison start at rosha depot! 4 VOC.

Ek buy xxx mana Potion - buy ultimate POTION And supreme potion! And mana Potion.
Go to stair when bought everything needed!

Buy strong mana potions - ultimate spirit Potions!! Buy ava/thunder storm!

Buy sds / ava/thunderstorms!
Buy ultimate great mana potion!

When everyone done! Go to stairs "ek inv all from navi to PT And make shared exp! Then run to prison -1 And ek go first And exeta res monster before ed/ms go down. Second rp then mages! When killes the monsters. It will go west from stairs. When they can go NORTH they will go NORTH west then NORTH to the trap. And ed And ms will stay there forever untill mana or runes are out same with other VOC to... (this is ot)

-Can someone help me with How to wait on navigation? How to do treewall there And there?

-Like stay at this posision untill killd all monsters!

-Tell others to leave when no more

Depsoit to new depot!

Please help me! I will give u the script as Thanks!