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    Suggestions Posting Guidelines

    Suggestions Posting Guidelines


    These are the guidelines that should be followed when posting new suggestions. This will help organize and give the correct priority to suggestions.


    1. Don't make bug reports here
      1. If it isn't working and it should be, it's a bug, not a suggestion, and should be posted on Bugs Board.

    2. One Thread per Suggestion & One Suggestion per Thread
      1. Please check if there isn't already a thread suggesting the same feature. If there is, try and add your opinion and relevant points to the thread instead of creating a new one.

    3. Add a descriptive title.
      1. Avoid stupid titles such as 'A suggestion', 'Some idea I had', 'A little suggestion' or 'I think this is a good idea'. We already know the thread is about a suggestion, it's in the Suggestions board.

    4. Add as much information as you can.
      1. Try giving real use cases for your suggestion.
      2. Point out specific points that have to be considered when implementing the given feature, pros and cons.


    Here you may find some well structured suggestion threads.

    1. Open New/Custom Channel by @Riku
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