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    Post where rush elder druid

    i need to rush a elder druid from 110 to 200 fast i have voucher and need to up
    can somebody help me i need places with low waste -5k/hr and better
    while more places you post here is better for me, thanks!!

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    well there's plently of places right now you can even get cash and lower rathelon golem's around 60k profit and max 300k per hour or 250 aprox without stamina that's not that good but if you dont want to waste that's a good start and second of all if your willing to make the waste you get atleast and get awesome exp is kinda hard but i can recomend you oramond minos with sd and mana leech full if you collect the item's will be great and then you can make even a profit hunt oh forgot the exp you can get around 450 500k per hour at your lvl you almost get the double of what you can get in any place that's actually the best option for my opinion now i could be wrong but im giving you ideas now another way to get atleast profit and decent exp you could try stone tomb 4- till lvl 150- you can get even profit around 15 20k if you use soft boot's and 300k aprox 260 280 without green stamina. so those are my places to hunt i hope i helped/

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    Souleaters - 400-700k exp without stamina and ~10-30k profit per hunt
    You can get that on lizard chosens too.
    Glooth bandits if you feel brave enough you'll get 500-900k exp/h without stamina and profit 30+k per hunt

    If you're botting then I recommend you Mother of Scarabs Lair, Yielothax, Wyrms, Crystal Spiders or Giant Spiders.

    Optional PVP World: 3.2usd/kk
    Open PVP World: 3.2usd/kk
    Worlds Aurora/Aurera: 2.2usd/kk

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