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    Bug Posting Guidelines - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

    When reporting bugs it is important that you provide as much information as possible. Please try to stick to the following format and if neccessary feel free to include Lua or XML samples for us to try to reproduce. Please include exact versions and do not say "the latest version", we may not get to your bug until Tibia/WindBot was updated and then it becomes a problem.

    Please include:

    1. What OS you are at? (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008, etc.)

    2. Real PC or VPS? Please provide VPS specifications including a link if possible

    3. Using WindAddons? Which version? Full version, e.g 1.5.5

    4. Which version of WindBot? Full version, e.g 2.9.0-b25

    5. Which version of Game Client? Full version, e.g: 11.01.4098

    6. Do you have a Dedicated Graphics Card? Which one?

    7. Detailed description of the problem. Please include steps to reproduce if possible

    8. If applicable, a GIF of the action hosted on You can make GIFs using ShareX:

    9. Do this happen in WindBot for Client Version 10.x too? Yes / No / Don't know

    10. Debug Log. WindBot -> Help -> Debug Log -> Enable (also check "Scripts" if it's a persistent script issue).

    11. Comments Any things you might find useful to know, e.g if your bug is about HUDs, and you are using FRAPS or Overwolf

    You can copy paste this in your thread:
    [B]1. What OS you are at?[/B] 
    [B]2. Real PC or VPS?[/B]
    [B]3. Using WindAddons? Which version?[/B]
    [B]4. Which version of WindBot?[/B] 
    [B]5. Which version of Game Client?[/B] 
    [B]6. Do you have a Dedicated Graphics Card?[/B]
    [B]7. Detailed description of the problem.[/B]
    [B]8. If applicable, a GIF of the action hosted on[/B]
    [b]9. Do this happen in WindBot for Client Version 10.x too?[/b]
    [B]10. Debug Log.[/B]
    [B]11. Comments.[/B]

    Please, don't make threads like: "New Client! Please update!". I know you are trying to help, but I'm well aware of every update, so no need to notify me about that.
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