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    Forum Rules [Updated: 10/11/2015]

    Forum Rules

    Regarding General Use:

    • You must use English in all posts you do here in the forum.

      This applies to all forum boards, sections and posts, except when privately messaging an user, you can privately message someone using any language you want. Users that don't follow this rule will get the thread deleted/closed, will be receive an infraction, which prevents from some benefits in the forum.

    • You must treat other users with respect.

      Applies to everyone, you should respect moderators and administrators and normal users, despite their rank title. This is basic for any human being.

    • You must not spoil others users character's names.

      Spoiling character names to negatively affect other users will result in an infraction and the post will be deleted. Quoting an image with a character name also works as a spoiling method, if you want to warn someone, use @Tags or private messages.

    • You are only allowed to BUMP (Bring Up My Post) your thread 24 hours after your last post.

      You must not bring up your post in less than a 24 hours period from the last post, assuming the last post is yours. This applies mostly to requests, support, bug reports and selling threads but can also be used towards users that abuse this expiration period to advertise or gain posts.

    Regarding Requests:

    • You must post in the correct section.

      This means you will post requests in the requests board, and ready scripts in the main section. Making a request in the main board of a script section, despite it being Lua or Cavebot script, will make your thread to be ignored and closed/deleted. Further posts from the same user will receive infractions.
      There are Paid Scripts, Free Scripts and Requests areas in the Cavebot board, there are HUD's, Requests areas in the Lua board, this last also can be used as list of all ready scripts and libraries.

    • You should be direct in your request subject.

      This means you will avoid thread names such as "help with action", "need help", "need action", "need script" and so on. Threads in this situation will be mostly ignored and then closed later.
      Threads with correct subject would be "Auto Responder", "HUD for Special Areas" and so on. You don't need to add the key words "request(s)", "help", if the thread is posted in the right section it'll interpreted as it should be.

    Regarding Trading:

    • You must check the paid scripts rules often and meet the requirements inside if you want to open or maintain a shop.

      You must check the paid rules frequently to be updated with the latest changes. Also it gives all the information you need to open a shop, from first step to the end. If you wish to open a paid script thread but don't follow the rules or the model, you'll be ignored.

    • You must not advertise in other's threads.

      You must not advertise in other's threads. You'll be alerted in the first case and given an infraction, further occurrences will lead to a banishment.

    • You can report user's that stole you in any trade you had.

      Keep this in mind, the staff is not responsible for any trade you do. You can report users that stole you in any way, however don't expect them to be banned immediately, the analysis takes time and may vary from trade to trade. Also we're not here 24 hours per day, moderators should maintain the organization in the forum, that's our main role. The others are just a plus of our job here.
    • You may only post trades involving Tibia and/or Windbot

      A trade must either include a directly Tibia, or Windbot related item, and/or the payment options must be either directly Tibia, or Windbot related.
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