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    Quote Originally Posted by Aboslut Bajskorv View Post
    what? on screenshots anasawad starts convo with "my friend want me to do the deal for him about that 75ms"

    i have sold lots of highlvls why the fuck should i scam a charachter woth a pack of smoke lol
    Well I won't waste my time replying to the likes of you, everyone can see that you were responding on Skype

    I will just leave it here to the mods for the final judgment

    Trusted & known seller, sold hundreds of accounts in forum, if you are having any doubt just search my name around

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    well as i said i told him to PM ME ON FORUMS and he "makes deal on skype with somone" says thats me and make scam report? yep. up to dworak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anasawad View Post
    Stop the drama please, so you were active on Skype 1 day ago and that wasn't you huh?

    Secondly if you don't use Skype then how did you know about the details? That the char that you want to buy is lvl 70~ and so on?

    Tbh I didn't think that you would scam over 70 MS, get over it please and admit that you scammed a char that's not even worth it to make all the drama.
    i want whole conversation from the begin not from some point
    Remember to always confirm if its me on skype - if you talk with me on skype tell me to reply for your PM on Forum - because scammers trying to be me. My only one and real Skype is dworak_dvscripts



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