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    retro hardcore team


    We're looking to make a team on retro hardcore, we have a few of us already, just wondering if anyone would like to help form a new team purely pvp based, also looking for a decent commander with a lot of leading experience. We can give basic eqs, supplies etc. Wanting to make a separate team from the large guilds and have a lot of fun. No char lovers and pvp experienced players is a must. Not sure how it will work out, depends on how many numbers we can get. Leave a message here or send me a message.

    Ok, we've started on Helera, we have a house so we can do cask service, can maybe give you a cask or 2 free to start you out, first few players can kill down some of my 2nd characters to help level you up if your willing to prove to us your going to be active, so send me a message quick and make a character there!
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