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I am 100% positive that some people around here doesnt use the program that's why they are trying to argue with costumers that are clearly pointing directly to what is wrong with the bot. Guys come on, theres no point in doing this... just stop.. like.. if the users just make a thread complaining about the bot and dont explain exatcly whats wrong i understand that you guys gonna be upset, its annoying i know, but if the user is saying exactly whats wrong just dont go against it and say that the problem is with his script or his computer when everyone is complaining about the same problem PLEASE i fucking beg you.

We also know the program is still in beta but we're trying to help here by reporting the bugs so ill say what our friend already said above: The windbot for tibia 11 is still bugged. Happens with all scripts, character getting stuck and you need to manually move it or put a persistent script to move if stuck. I am currently using a persistent script, whenever my character get stuck for more than x seconds then the script goes in action, its been working pretty well so far. I am botting since server save with no problem btw.
But you do realize that the People answering are customers just like you yea? Don't be so mad man
everyone was just trying to figure out what the Problem was so dont get upset