A few people have been asking recently, so here's some clarity:

WindBot does not work with any CipSoft hosted server right now.

There are no current plans to update WindBot to work on any CipSoft hosted server. It is unlikely that this will change.

WindBot is still available for Open Tibia servers, however support is minimal and you should check that it will work with your chosen server before purchase. We would encourage everyone who is using the bot to collaborate to share information on which servers the bot works with and how to get it working.

You may still pause your license and activate it later, if you wish, this can be done at https://cloud.tibiawindbot.com/

The whole forum is still moderated, although this is starting to fall off to some extent. Please be cautious as usual whilst trading and report any scams etc via the usual methods. They will be addressed but it may take a little longer than it did historically. We fully intend to maintain the same, safe environment for trading that has always existed.